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Share your contact information in one place

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An easy way to share personal contact information in one spot online.
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Need to share your email and socials?

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Share your email and socials

Personal Contact information

  • Contact Info

  • Address

  • Social Links

Sell your business services

Multiple Business Offerings

  • Multiple Links

  • Unique call to action for each link

Share your promotion

A Specific Promotion

  • Video

  • Standout call to action


The moment I heard about contact promo. I just had to get one for my real-estate business.

Mary Dempster

What a great use of current technologies. I will definitely be using this to promote my start-up.

Francis Jeanson

Adding a video to a business card? Since I do video, this is a perfect fit for me and my business.

Michael Wood
Collaborating at Work

Share your email and socials with one link.